Minister Ramatlakane appeals for community partnership in curbing crime and attacks on N2 road users. | Western Cape Government


Minister Ramatlakane appeals for community partnership in curbing crime and attacks on N2 road users.

5 July 2004
Western Cape Minister for Community Safety Leonard Ramatlakane says solving the crime and attacks on motorists on the N2 freeway is also part of the service delivery deposits that the Western Cape provincial government is committed to.

Minister Ramatlakane called on communities and residents along the N2, R300, Delft to join him and law enforcement officers in curbing crime and attacks on motorists using these highways.

Yesterday ( Monday - 05 July 2004 ) Minister Ramatlakane visited, the Borcherd's Quarry road (N2 Airport turn off) ands the Mew Way Bridge (turn off to Khayelitsha) two of the troublesome spots, which have become scenes of most attacks on motorists recently.

Senior police officials who include Deputy Provincial Commissioner Glenn Schooling as well senior traffic officials accompanied Minister Ramatlakane.

Hundreds of Neighbourhood Watch volunteers were also visible and accompanied Minister.

Speaking to a media contingent on the N2, Minister Ramatlakane, said;" The three main problems on the N2 highway are pedestrians crossing the freeway, livestock staying onto the freeway in search of grazing and rocks that are being dropped on casing cars from the footbridges of the N2.

" It is illegal for drivers to drop passengers off on the freeway. Two pedestrians dropped off last week were hit by cars and were killed. "

Minister Ramatlakane also addressed a public meeting in Nyanga later where he appealed to the community to help police in reducing the crimes on the freeways and help restore order.

" I have come here to ask that we assist each other to combat this. With the stone throwing, it could be me and my family one-day and you and yours next day. At the same time we should also urge the police to do their jobs on the freeway "

Residents at this fully attended meeting, also put the blame on the police for the continuing attacks on motorists on the N2.

Minister Ramatlakane responded and said;" Police must be able to stop pedestrians from crossing the N2 because by doing so, you are breaking the law. Government has built bridges to enable pedestrians to cross the N2 without exposing themselves to danger to traffic."

Livestock roaming around the freeway would be confiscated and their owners will be fined.

Minister Ramatlakane admitted that these solutions were only short term.

" An integrated governmental plan is currently being discussed. One of the long-term solutions would be a housing development along the N2.

For the period between June and the first week of July, there has been only four incidents of attacks and crime that has been officially reported on the N2.

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