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MEC Max on Shooting of Police Officers

5 August 2009
The Minister delayed his attendance to cabinet yesterday (Tuesday) to pay the two families in Wesbank and Portlands a visit.

The MEC Adv. Lennit Max was saddened and shocked by the tragic events where Sergeant Luigi Manasse and neighbourhood watch volunteer Mr. Franklin Samuels was killed by unidentified gunmen on Tuesday evening.

He condemned the murders in the strongest sense and said that their deaths was a big tragedy and a huge loss for the police as well as the community.
Sadly also, two families are now facing the future without their breadwinners.

He paid tribute to the commitment of Manasse and Samuels whose invaluable work helped make our communities a safer place for everyone.

The Minister said that the police will do everything in their power to find and arrest the suspects.
He described the culprits as sick murderers who through their callous deeds have shown that they have absolutely no respect for human lives.

He urged members of the community to come forward if they have any information regarding the shooting incident.
Minister Max believes that someone out there will have some information on the killers.

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