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Situation in Vrygrond is Under Control

25 November 2009

The situation in the Steenberg and the Vrygrond settlement is of extreme concern for the police as well as the Department of Community Safety, says the Minister of Community Safety, Adv. Lennit Max.


The Minister has ensured that sufficient law enforcement officers were deployed to the area and was involved from the start of the conflict between the Retreat Taxi Association and the Vrygrond Taxi Association.

Max is confident that the situation in the affected areas is currently under control and that peace will be restored in order for productive talks to find a settlement of agreement between the two taxi associations.

Max reiterated that there remains no need for any criticism on him (Max) not looking into the situation in Vrygrond.

Max regrets the death of Mr. Ashraaf Gamieldien that died due to the rival taxi attacks. He also warned that no lawlessness will be tolerated and those responsible will account for their deeds.




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