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Road Construction Work on N7 between Malmesbury and Piketberg

17 August 2010

For the past eleven months the West Coast has experienced a total of three thousand one hundred and sixty five (3165) accidents. According to research ninety five percent (95%) of all traffic accidents are preceded by a traffic contravention and caused by human error. Several interventions have been implemented such as "Safely Home" operations, Road Safety Education projects in order to facilitate positive road behaviour. Patients is often lacking when motorists are within the traffic environment, and one of the contributing factors is road construction works. Provincial Traffic would like motorists to be patient and to plan there journey. Motorists travelling on the N7 will be delayed due to road construction between Malmesbury and Piketberg until April 2011.

A stop and go system with approximately 15 minute intervals will implemented during this time period. There will be traffic officers to monitor and to assist at the construction site. Motorists who do not obey the road signs and who do not adhere to traffic officer instructions will be prosecuted.

Timeframe: July 2010 - April 2011

Working Hours: Sunrise till Sunset

Note: Please act responsibly so everybody can arrive "Safely Home."

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Hp Williams
Media liaison officer
Provincial Traffic
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