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25 Arrests by Swartland, Overstrand and Mossel Bay K-9 and Rural Safety Units

27 March 2024

Twenty-five arrests by Swartland, Overstrand and Mossel Bay K-9 and Rural Safety Units in one week


The Mossel Bay, Overstrand and Swartland K-9 Units, in partnership with the Rural Safety Units (RSUs) in the Overstrand and Swartland areas, once again made their presence felt in their respective areas, in an effort to combat crime. Between 18 and 24 March 2024, these units with various other municipal law enforcement agencies and the South African Police Service (SAPS), arrested twenty-five (25) individuals for various crimes. Of these, seven (7) were apprehended in the Overstrand municipal area, eight (8) were arrested in Mossel Bay and ten (10) in Swartland.


The Mossel Bay K-9 unit had operations in Herbetsdale, Grootbrak rivier, Kwanonqaba, while conducting roadblocks at strategic intersections. During one of the operations in Grootbrak rivier, the unit arrested one (1) individual for the possession of 785 mandrax tablets. Other arrests include:


  • x2 dealing in liquor;
  • x1 riotous behaviour;
  • x1 possession of schedule 5 pain killers; and
  • x3 possession of drugs.


The unit also confiscated:


  • x4985 schedule 5 painkillers;  
  • x797 whole, x7 half, and x6 quarter mandrax tablets;
  • x12 bankies of tik; and
  • large quantities of liquor.


The Swartland units conducted operations in the broader Malmesbury area, including Abbotsdale, Riebeek Wes and Kasteel, Koringberg and Moorreesburg. Among others, individuals were arrested on the following charges:


  • x2 dealing in liquor;
  • x5 possession of drugs; and
  • x3 dealing in drugs.


The units also confiscated:


  • x5 whole and x57 half mandrax tablets;
  • x19 small zipper bags of tik;
  • x99 small zipper bags, and x57 zolle dagga; nd
  • Large quantity of liquor.


Amongst others the Overstand arrests included:


  • x2 for possession of drugs;
  • x1 possession of West Coast Rock Lobster (WCRL); and
  • x1 house breaking and theft.


This unit confiscated:


  • x36 undersized and x13 sized WCRL;
  • 2kg dagga; and
  • x5 bankies tik.


Western Cape Minister of Police Oversight and Community Safety, Reagen Allen said, “The continued efforts of our K9 and RSU’s demonstrates what the Western Cape Safety Plan seeks to achieve – to make our communities safer. The huge haul of mandrax tablets and schedule 5 painkillers in Mossel Bay is particularly important. Our units are doing an immense job in sniffing out these illicit items. I’d like to also express my gratitude to community members who are continuing to alert our units to where criminal activity is occurring. The haul in Mossel Bay occurred after community members tipped off authorities about the shipment being transported. It is by working together, that we can combat crime on our streets.”

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