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Twenty-Five (25) Drunk Drivers Arrested Over the Weekend

13 September 2011

Provincial traffic arrested twenty-five (25) drunk drivers over weekend during operations across the province. We had twenty-four (24) roadblocks across the province at different locations in order to enforce the law, but also to inspire voluntary compliance with regard to traffic laws. We tested seven hundred and thirty-two (732) drivers for alcohol consumption, and made twenty five (25) arrests. Two (2) were arrested for drug possession, three (3) were arrested for reckless driving, one (1) trucker for overloading his goods vehicle and a driver for a false driving licence.

Provincial Traffic Law Enforcement officials were deployed across the province to ensure that, motorists who break the law are dealt with. Most accidents are caused by road users acting contrary to the statutes that were laid down to ensure law and order on our roads. Therefore our request is that motorists comply voluntarily, and in the process become a road safety activist.

Note: Please act responsibly so everybody can arrive "Safely Home".

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