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LEAP continues its visible policing successes

11 October 2021

Today, the Minister of Community Safety welcomes reports of LEAP successes in its endeavours to enhance visible policing in the crime hotspot communities in the Metro.


According to the report, a total of 7233 persons were searched in crime hotspots such as Delft (856), Nyanga (1227), Mitchells Plain (875), Kraaifontein (786) and others. A total of 211 houses were searched, while 811 vehicles were searched in 44 roadblocks. There were 63 inspections conducted at liquor outlets for on-site consumption, and 56 such inspections at outlets for off-site consumption.


LEAP Officers conducted 124 autonomous operations, as well as 102 joint operations with SAPS.


Minister Fritz said, “I want to emphasise that these totals are over a seven-day period. That means that in a crime hotspot such as Nyanga, more than 175 persons are searched every day. In Mfuleni, they searched more than 33 vehicles every day. An average of more than six roadblocks were conducted every day, specifically in our communities which are most affected by crime and violence. We are committed to enhancing visible policing in our communities as far as our powers allow us.”


Out of these operations, a total of 59 people were arrested for either being in possession of or dealing in drugs; fifteen people were arrested for being in possession of an illegal firearm, an imitation firearm or a dangerous weapon; and eleven were also arrested for other offences. A total of 100 arrests were made over the seven day period.


In addition to seven illegal firearms and five imitation firearms, 60 live rounds of ammunition; one panga, an axe and a fish knife were confiscated. Various quantities of Mandrax, 407 packets of dagga, 124 packets of tik and two straws of heroine were also confiscated.


Minister Fritz continued, “all of these weapons and substances would surely have only been used in all kinds of criminality. Our LEAP Officers averted all of that misery for the benefit of our communities. And that is what success is to us: ridding our communities of weapons and illegal substances.”


Minister Fritz concluded, “I would like to thank all of our LEAP Officers for their excellent work in ensuring that our communities are safer. I want to encourage them to keep at it. We are winning the war, slowly but surely. Our citizens deserve to live in peace, free from the ravages of drugs. And our work is in service of that goal. Let us never forget that!”


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