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Minister Fritz welcomes strict sentence for man found guilty of corrective-rape

17 August 2021

Today, the Minister of Community Safety, Albert Fritz, welcomes the dismissal by the Western Cape High Court of the appeal of a life-sentence by a man found guilty of raping his neighbour.

In 2017, the victim, a lesbian resident, had been the neighbour of 45-year-old Albro McLean, and had entered his house at the invitation of McLean’s sister. After the sister left, the victim had also decided to leave, but was stopped by McLean who had then become aggressive. He then punched her, smothered her face with a pillow and raped her, saying that he would “make her a woman”. After he was arrested and tried, the Wynberg Regional Court found him guilty and sentenced him to life imprisonment.

Minister Fritz said, “it has been four years since the victim had to endure that ordeal. The wheels of justice do turn slowly. But the ruling shows that the wheels do turn. There are consequences for heinous behaviour like this. It is a clear message to all would-be criminals, and this is a message we must amplify because this ruling represents a societal reaction to behaviour that we will not tolerate.”

Minister Fritz continued, “According to reports, the victim has been suffering psychologically ever since that traumatic day. Now that the appeal has been dismissed and justice has been served, I sincerely hope that she is able to find closure to this horrible chapter.”

Minister Fritz concluded, “I want to thank the SAPS and the National Prosecuting Authority for the work they did in securing this conviction. I want to encourage them and say that this is why we do what we do. It is absolutely appalling that in 2021 we still have corrective rape happening at all. The fact that it happens to the extent that it does in our society should outrage each and every one of us. Let us take this Women’s Month to recommit ourselves to the fight against gender-based violence and gender-based hate crimes such as corrective rape. In this regard, our societal voice is emphatic: gender-based violence has no place here, and we will not rest until it is eradicated!”

Anyone who witnesses any criminal acts, or who has any other information that will assist SAPS in making arrests are urged to telephone the SAPS Command Centre at 021 466 0011.

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