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LEAP Officers confiscate drug stash, searching for suspects

29 July 2021

Today, the Minister of Community Safety, Albert Fritz, commends the work of LEAP Officers who confiscated a drug stash of 988 whole Mandrax tablets, 22 half Mandrax tablets, an unknown amount of crushed Mandrax, and 0.195kg of tik.

At around 13:00 on Tuesday afternoon, while patrolling in Delft, LEAP Officers noticed a suspicious vehicle standing in front of a suspected drug den in the area. While the driver was unknown to officers, the passenger is well-known in the area and is suspected of involvement in illicit activities. When the occupants of the vehicle saw the LEAP Officers, they sped off, while at the same time tossing a black bag out of the window of the vehicle. One of the officers retrieved the bag which contained the drugs, while the other officer attempted to stop the vehicle. The vehicle, however, managed to get away.

Minister Fritz said, “I was very happy when I heard this news. Our LEAP guys are really doing amazing work. This is just one of many reports that we receive regularly. And the reports are stories of heroes making a difference in our communities. Of course, it would have been great if they also managed to catch the guys, but 1000 Mandrax tablets removed from the streets: that is a significant disruption to a dealer’s supply. I have no doubt that the culprits will be caught soon and brought to book.”

Officers are currently in search of the suspects, and as such, the drugs were not booked in as “abandoned”.

Minister Fritz continued, “we call on the Station Commander at Delft SAPS, Brig. Domayi, to pull out all the stops to find the suspects and bring them to justice. As the Western Cape Government, we want to say we are behind you and will support wherever we can.”

Minister Fritz concluded, “we thank the officers involved, and we want to say to them, keep up the good work! LEAP Officers have been instrumental as a force multiplier to SAPS over the past few weeks, first with the threat of looting, and more recently with the threat of taxi-violence. And so we thank you, our LEAP Officers, and we do so on behalf of our communities, because it is for them that you are making the difference.”

Information about the suspected drug den will be reported to SAPS for intervention. Anyone who witnesses any criminal acts, or who has any other information that will assist SAPS in making arrests, especially in regard to residential properties used as drug dens, are urged to telephone the SAPS Command Centre at 021 466 0011.

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