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LEAP officers and Liquor Authority continue success in enforcement

19 April 2021
On Friday, 16 April 2021 Minister of Community Safety, Albert Fritz, expresses his congratulations to the Western Cape Liquor Authority in the enforcement of liquor-trading regulations; as well as to the LEAP Officers who have achieved a number of noteworthy successes in their support of the SAPS. 
For the week 5 April 2021 to 11 April 2021, a total of 87 arrests were conducted, which included: 
51 for possession of drugs;
16 for possession of dangerous weapons;
4 for possession of illegal firearms and/or illegal ammunition;
4 for dealing in drugs;
2 for trading without a license;
2 for domestic violence;
1 for assault;
1 for driving under the influence of alcohol;
2 for tampering with essential infrastructure (electricity)
1 for malicious damage to property.
There were also 3 arrests made for outstanding warrants of arrest.
In addition to the arrests, there were also a number of confiscations made, including: 
3 illegal firearms, including a shotgun, a pistol and a zip gun; 
5 live rounds of ammunition; 
18 knives;
34 mandrax tablets;
61 half mandrax tablets and a parcel;
46 quarter mandrax tablets
70 packets and 4 straws of tik.
A significant amount of illegal alcohol was also confiscated, including 175 litres of beer, 118 litres of ciders, 53 litres of wine and 50 lires of spirits.
On 9 April 2021, an operation was carried out in which seven premises were monitored. Of the seven premises, six were found to have been non-compliant. 
For the week, a total of 65 inspections were conducted, which amounts to an average of just over 9 inspections per day. 10 section 20 Notices were serves, while 5 compliance notices were issued. 
Minister Fritz said, “we must commend the Western Cape Liquor Authroity and our LEAP Officers for their work in our communities. We are building up a culture of accountability, and an important part of this is building law enforcement capacity. When you deal in drugs, or possess an illegal weapon, or sell liquor without a license, you must know there will be consequences. If you assault your wife, you will be arrested and charged. There are consequences to actions, and perpetrators of crime and violence will learn this.”
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