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WCLA Update: WCLA issues up to R2.4 million in fines

1 December 2020

WCLA Update: WCLA issues up to R2.4 million in fines to liquor vendors flouting COVID-19 regulations

The Minister of Community Safety, Albert Fritz, welcomes the investigations and subsequent referral of 252 cases to the Liquor Licensing Tribunal (LLT) between 27 March 2020 and 27 November 2020.

During the period under review, a further 72 COVID-19 related enforcement investigations took place and have since been forwarded to the LLT. In 25 matters, fines totalling at over R2.443 million were issued, of which approximately R1.361 million was suspended for a period of 24 months provided that the licence holder does not contravene the Western Cape Liquor Act and licence conditions again.

Of the total 252 enforcement investigations, 83 section 71 matters were placed on the LLT case roll of which:

  • 49 licences were suspended;
  • 23 applications were dismissed; and
  • 11 applications were referred to the Prosecutor.

Of the 49 licences that were suspended, 49 section 71(4) return hearings took place whereby:

  • One licence was revoked after finalisation of a section 20 consideration;
  • Forty-six suspensions were lifted by the LLT;
  • Two suspensions were lifted, one in the High Court and one through an internal appeal tribunal proceeding; and
  • No return hearings are pending.

In total, 72 COVID-19 related section 20 matters were forwarded to the LLT, of which:

  • One licence was revoked;
  • Five applications were dismissed;
  • Four licensees were issued with stricter conditions;
  • Five licences were suspended;
  • One licence was cancelled;
  • One application was referred to the Prosecutor; and
  • Thirty matters are currently pending.

Minister Fritz said, “As we approach the festive season, it is essential that liquor vendors play their part in both reducing alcohol related harms and stopping the spread of Covid-19. The WCLA are playing a critical role in enforcing them and I wish to thank each Liquor Inspector for their efforts. More than ever, liquor vendors must ensure that they are compliant with trading hours and the transportation of liquor, ensure that the premises are safe and that they are taking every step to prevent the spread including keeping a register, checking temperatures and sanitizing hands.”

Minister Fritz added, “We know that when people drink that they let their guard down and are more likely to engage in behaviours that spread the virus. As we are experiencing a resurgence of Covid-19 cases, it is essential that we continue the positive behaviour change that we have learnt including washing our hands, wearing a mask correctly and maintaining a safe social distance.”

Media Enquiries: 

Cayla Ann Tomás Murray
Spokesperson for Minister Albert Fritz
Tel: 021 483 9217
Cell: 064 121 7959
Email: Cayla.murray@westerncape.gov.za