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Minister Fritz calls for continuous efforts to address GBV and Domestic Violence

7 August 2020

The Minister of Community Safety, Albert Fritz, is commemorating women’s day by initiating a programme to support and provide mentorship to gender-based violence (GBV) related programmes started by Chrysalis graduates and sharing the Department of Community Safety’s “Guide for victims of domestic abuse”.

Minister Fritz calls on all residents in the province to think beyond women’s month and work continuously towards the end of GBV and the empowerment of women and girls.

Support and mentorship for Chrysalis graduates’ anti-GBV initiatives

Under the leadership of the Minister Fritz, the Department and Chrysalis Academy are initiating a joint project to support graduates who are actively providing a service in their communities. See graphic here

Minister Fritz said, “Reports on all activities are welcomed, but we are particularly interested in activities that help to reduce GBV.  We are looking to provide training and mentorship to our graduates where needed, to double their efforts in their communities. It is vital that these programmes are sustained and continue past women’s day.”

All Chrysalis Academy graduates from 2000 to 2019, who are actively involved in community projects, are urged to get in touch and share:

  • The name of their project;
  • Its aims;
  • Where it is based; and
  • Additional mentorship and support needed.

All submissions should be made to by 15 August 2020.

Launch of “A guide for victims of domestic abuse”

The Department of Community Safety has created A guide for victims of domestic abuse. Please see the link below.

The booklet assists in:

  • Defining a domestic relationship and domestic violence (DV);
  • Outlining the rights of a victim of DV and the responsibilities of SAPS;
  • Defining a protection order and how to obtain it (see graphic here); and
  • Providing useful contact details on how to access GBV and DV related support.

Minister Fritz said, “I welcome this inciteful and detailed booklet which provides practical information on how to obtain a protection order. I encourage residents to share this information far and wide to ensure that it reaches those who may need it most. Going forward, my Department will implement a range of communications devised to share this information further.”

Tasking of an official to respond to GBV cases in the Court Watching Brief Unit

Minister Fritz has tasked Advocate Leslie Morris from the Department of Community Safety to monitor GBV and DV cases within the Court Watching Brief (CWB) unit.

Advocate Morris has been tasked with monitoring and reporting as part of the oversight mandate of the Department relating to GBV and DV cases, which have been struck off court rolls due to police inefficiencies and ineffectiveness. Advocate Morris has assisted with:

  • The Departmental guideline on how to obtain a protection order which will form part of a larger communications campaign by the Department to address GBV and DV; and
  • Held workshops within communities, both rural and urban, on what DV is and how to obtain a protection order from court or finding help from your nearest police station.

Minister Fritz said, “Monthly meetings will be held with the Department of Social Development to assist the Victim Empowerment unit in identifying cases that may need the assistance of the Court Watching Brief Unit by way of a Victim Impact Statement or referring complainants to proper organizations for appropriate recourse.”

Monitoring and evaluation of SAPS’ compliance with the Domestic Violence Act

The Department of Community Safety has recently concluded its report on SAPS’ compliance with the Domestic Violence Act.

Minister Fritz said, “My Department will continue to conduct the relevant monitoring and evaluation over SAPS and provide related assistance in terms of its compliance with the Domestic Violence Act.”

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Spokesperson for Minister Albert Fritz
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