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Minister Fritz welcomes no bail for Quku’s alleged murderer

7 July 2020

The Minister of Community Safety, Albert Fritz, welcomes the ruling not to grant bail to Lona Mzingeli (25) who is accused of murdering Amahle Quku (17). The matter was heard today amidst related protest action outside of Wynberg Court, calling for bail not to be granted to Mzingeli.

Mzingeli appeared today at the Wynberg Court, where he did not apply for bail. The matter has been postponed until 6 October 2020, pending further investigation, where the accused will remain in custody on the murder charge. 

Minister Fritz said, “I have requested that members of the court watching brief unit monitor this case and ensure that each leg of the criminal justice system is operating optimally to ensure that Quku’s murderer is not allowed to roam freely and possibly endanger the lives of others. I welcome today’s postponement by the Wynberg Court and call on SAPS and NPA to ensure that this case is thoroughly attended so that the guilty party is convicted.” 

Quku’s body was found on Saturday morning, 20 June, by residents in Albert Luthuli Street in Browns Farm. She had been stripped of her clothes and stones were found next to her bruised body.

Minister Fritz said, “By convicting the perpetrators of GBV, we send a strong message, that is ‘you will be caught, and you will be prosecuted’. To achieve this, we must equally ensure that our SAPS officials treat GBV related cases with the seriousness it deserves and not subject victims to a secondary assault. To this end, I have requested that the Western Cape Police Ombudsman (WCPO), Mr JJ Brand, investigate two cases of secondary victimization (SV) at Langa and Site B, Khayelitsha, local SAPS stations. He has informed me that his investigation into the two reported cases is ongoing.”

The WCPO's letter stated that, "Complaints were registered for both... the allegations deemed to fall within our mandate... My office intends consulting with the victims of the incidents first to verify whether they indeed want to pursue with complaints of alleged inefficiencies against SAPS."

Additionally, the WCPO stated that both cases of alleged SV "would be included in our current investigation of the alleged failure of SAPS to provide sufficient victim support to victims of crime at the police stations in the WC."

Minister Fritz is establishing the following programmes to create awareness of and address the prevalence of GBV:

  1. Create a guide and disseminate information on how to get a protection order;
  2. Appoint a full-time official within Court Watching Brief Unit to monitor GBV and domestic violence related cases;
  3. Establish a campaign to increase volunteers at victim support rooms and investigate stipends to incentivize volunteers; and
  4. Conduct monitoring and evaluation and provide related assistance to SAPS in terms of compliance with the Domestic Violence Act.

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