School safety ambassadors make a difference at West End Primary School | Western Cape Government

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School safety ambassadors make a difference at West End Primary School

2 March 2020

Today, the Minister of Community Safety, Albert Fritz, delivered the keynote speech at the opening of a new multi-purpose classroom and awards ceremony at West End Primary School, Lentegeur. Minister Fritz has previously supported the school by allocating eight school safety ambassadors to the school. 

Minister Fritz said, “As the Minister of Community Safety, I recognise that crime is an issue which plagues this and many other communities. I have responded by deploying safety ambassadors in schools such as West End Primary. In this school, eight safety ambassadors have been deployed to assist in patrols, provide teachers with support and help with administration and finance. Approximately seventy safety ambassadors have been deployed at schools across the province.”

Minister Fritz added, “The safety ambassadors are being deployed in sectors of the school which align with their own personal development goals. This is important because it means that these young people develop a vested interest in the wellbeing of the school they are placed in and its learners by working in a field of their choice. They are further receiving an opportunity to expand their skillset and join the world of work in their chosen career path, resulting in a higher work retention rate.”

Amongst those safety ambassadors making a difference is Desnay Abrahams. Desnay assists pupils by waiting with them afterschool until their transport arrives. She diligently informs parents when there are delays in transport, making sure that they are safe. In fact, she goes above and beyond as she previously also waited with a pupil from Aloe High. When the transport did not arrive, she took the learner to the nearest SAPS station and waited with her there. “Safety ambassadors like Desnay are making a massive contribution, ensuring that our children are kept safe and are not left alone in harm’s way,” said Minister Fritz.

Minister Fritz added, “I have pioneered the safety ambassador programme because I am optimistic about the future of the Western Cape. We live in a beautiful province with immense potential. I also believe that the citizens of this province deserve good governance. Children deserve to feel safe in their schools and teachers should enjoy broadening the minds of young people. It is only by working Better Together in this way that we can make the province safer and better for all who live in it.”

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Cayla Ann Tomás Murray

Spokesperson for Minister Albert Fritz
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