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Report a Cop, Reward a Cop

25 July 2012

Media Statement by Minister of Community Safety, Dan Plato

I am very pleased to announce the partnership between the Western Cape Department of Community Safety and the Institute for Security Studies (ISS) in the launch of a campaign "Reward a Cop, Report a Cop", which promotes effective policing and which aims to stamp out police misconduct and corruption.

The programme encourages members of the public to report any police corruption or good police work, by smsing the word "reward" or "report" to our sms line 35395, calling our 24/7 hotline on 021 483 4332, e-mailing or tweeting to @RewardaCop.

When reporting police misconduct, please remember to report the incident and give all relevant information, as soon as possible. Take note of police names, ranks and vehicle registration numbers. By reporting bad police, you are supporting those who take their jobs seriously and want to help their communities.

An effective police service is an essential part of any functioning democracy.

There are many excellent police officers who put their lives on the line to protect us; they are selfless individuals who go beyond the call of duty - we need the public to help point them out to us. We want to acknowledge these men and women, and thank them for being examples of what competent, effective and professional police officers can achieve.

There are also those who might not be as deserving of their badge - whether that policeman or policewoman needs guidance, better training, or to be removed from the service altogether - we need you to help us identify them, so that police misconduct can be investigated with a view to improving police efficiency and effectiveness.

The police need our support - it is only through a "whole of society" approach that we can increase safety in our communities; the police cannot do this alone.

Media Enquiries: 

Greg Wagner
Spokesperson for Minister Plato
Cell: 072 623 4499