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Ses’khona members’ habitual Violence and Criminality Condemned

26 March 2015

Statement by Dan Plato, Western Cape Minister of Community Safety

The leaders of the  “Ses’khona People’s Rights Movement” have proved once again that they have no real interest in engaging constructively with the Western Cape Government on service delivery issues  but instead mobilise their members to march to the CDB   and  loot stalls, attack unarmed bystanders and commit various other crimes.

I am calling on the South African Police Services (SAPS) to review camera footage, identify the perpetrators of the various crimes, and if unable to identify them, ensure that the Ses’khona leaders identify them so that they can be arrested and held accountable.  Ses’khona must also be held liable for the damage inflicted on public property, including Cape Town station.

In February this year I condemned the violence, threats of xenophobic attacks and criminality that were carried out by Ses’khona members. Today they proved once again what they stand for – nothing more than criminality and hooliganism.

Today also shows again that the Ses’khona leadership have no interest in controlling their members, instead allowing them to run amok, stealing and harassing innocent bystanders.

I call on the Ses’khona leadership to assist police in identifying those responsible for today’s violence and criminal acts in order for the perpetrators to face the consequences of their unlawful actions. I also call on both the provincial and national leadership of the ANC to condemn today’s violence. Failing to do so can only mean that the Ses’khona and ANC leadership condones these crimes committed by their members.

It is also clear that having lead today’s violent march, Andile Lili continues to show no remorse despite having been found guilty of contravening the Civil Aviation Act after dumping human waste at Cape Town International Airport and is currently awaiting sentencing in this regard. 

The SAPS have a constitutional mandate to prevent, combat and investigate crime, to maintain public order and to protect and secure inhabitants of the Republic and their property. I urge them to make sure that the perpetrators behind today’s violence are brought to book.

Media Enquiries: 

Greg Wagner
Spokesperson for Minister Plato
Cell: 072 623 4499