Handover of specialised BMWs to enhance WC Provincial Traffic | Western Cape Government


Handover of specialised BMWs to enhance WC Provincial Traffic

12 September 2023

Media release by Ricardo Mackenzie, Western Cape Minister of Mobility
Safety boost for WC, Minister Mackenzie hands over specialised BMWs to Provincial Traffic


Today, we officially handed over 31 (out of 122) specialised high-performance vehicles to our Provincial Traffic Law Enforcement officers. The remaining vehicles will be rolled out across the Western Cape over the coming weeks as a substantial boost to safety ahead of the festive season and upcoming school holidays.

These vehicles – which replace existing patrol vehicles in the fleet – have been converted and optimised for the rigours of traffic law enforcement on our provincial and national roads. This enhances the safety of our officers and empowers them to make our roads and communities safer.

The vehicles are equipped with in-vehicle technology, including automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras, which interface directly with the National Traffic Information System (NaTIS); providing officers with critical information within seconds.

This means that each vehicle expands our province-wide network of ANPR cameras, which monitor road traffic and enable the immediate detection of road traffic infringements, contraventions, and habitual traffic transgressors. This includes unroadworthy, and unlicensed vehicles; cloned number plates; fatigued drivers, and vehicles flagged by the South African Police Service as suspected of being used in the execution of crimes. Instant alerts are sent to the in-vehicle onboard device and the officers’ mobile device to enable rapid response and interception when required.

Another innovation is the integration of push-to-talk software, enabling seamless two-way communication. This system augments the traditional radios, which will remain as the bedrock of our communications system. The push-to-talk solution seamlessly integrates with the existing in-vehicle technology, elevating communication capabilities and forming the foundation for potential integration with other role players such as emergency, medical, and disaster management services.

The Western Cape is still the only province that has a 24/7 presence of traffic services protecting our roads and actively reducing road crash fatalities. Our Provincial Traffic Law Enforcement was also the first enforcement agency to use in-vehicle technology, pioneering the on-board ANPR cameras over the last few years.