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Tygerberg Hospital Smile Week

17 November 2009

For nearly a decade, the Smile Foundation has proven to be more than just an NGO. They bear a resemblance to an excessively large family through their relationships with hospitals, surgeons, nurses, psychologists, celebrities and the smile children and their families.


The Smile Foundation has certainly travelled beyond any limitations, in order to reach the underprivileged children who are in desperate need of their help. This year alone they have travelled between Johannesburg, Pretoria, Bloemfontein and Cape Town in June, and are now back in Cape Town to offer children with facial anomalies the surgical intervention they require.

"We are delighted to have the Smile Foundation and the children back in Tygerberg Hospital this year. There is a special vibe in our hospital during this week dedicated to children with facial anomalies. It is quite incredible to witness the smiles on the children's and parent's faces afterwards. This is a wonderful reward for everybody involved and certainly time well spent." says Dr Alexander Zuhlke, Plastic Surgeon at Tygerberg Hospital.

Supporting the Smile Foundation is a sponsor who has been around for three years. The Vodacom Foundation are sponsoring yet another Smile Week, in which they will donate a microscope worth R900 000 to the hospital, to be used when operating any micro surgical procedures. This equipment will definitely benefit Tygerberg Hospital and the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in the future. As a result of Vodacom Foundation's generosity, surgeons at the hospital will operate on thirty five (35) children. We planned for 28 children (close to 30) to be operated on during that week.

Marc Lubner, Executive Chairman of the Smile Foundation describes the relationship between their NGO and hospitals as a mutually beneficial one. He says, "It is gratifying to note that a corporate like Vodacom Foundation, values and supports the quality of medical care for children in South Africa. The relationship however, between hospitals and organisations such as Smile Foundation, has definitely proven to be unique and beneficial to all parties involved."

The Tygerberg Hospital has always welcomed Smile Foundation with open arms and provided the medical care and love that the children need. "Our children's ward is always a hive of activity when the Smile Foundation visits us. The excitement the children bring to the ward always creates an energetic atmosphere that inspires us and reminds us why we are here every day", said Dr Terence Carter, CEO from Tygerberg Hospital.

Tygerberg Hospital, The Smile Foundation and Vodacom Foundation will bear witness to another 38 children being operated on from 16 - 22 November 2009. It is truly heart warming to know, that the week will change their lives with something that most of us take for granted, a simple smile.



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