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Western Cape Government's Statement on the Rebuilding of GF Jooste Hospital

9 September 2012
The Western Cape Government would like to take this opportunity to address the concerns of community members as reflected by the Cape Metro Health Forum and doctors as reflected by the South African Medical Association with regard to the decommissioning of the GF Jooste District Hospital. The department will respond in detail to all concerns raised by these and other organisations in correspondence to the department in due course.

The decision to rebuild the hospital followed a careful and considered process and aimed to improve the health services rendered to the community. It must be stressed that this will ADD and not remove health services from that currently provided. The department would like to allay public concerns and fears by emphasising the following:

  1. GF Jooste will be rebuilt and services will continue from this hospital in the future
    In line with the Department of Health`s strategic plan, GF Jooste Hospital will be rebuilt on the same site between 2013 and 2016. The new hospital will provide a full range of hospital services, which is not the case currently, and further support the primary healthcare facilities within the Klipfontein sub-district. While the hospital will have significant specialist presence, patients requiring specialised care will be referred to Groote Schuur Hospital (GSH) and Red Cross Hospital. The new Mitchell's Plain Hospital (MPH) is reaching its final stages of completion and will be commissioned in early 2013. This hospital will accommodate the hospital services currently provided at GF Jooste Hospital for the period of rebuilding but finally together with the new GF Jooste Hospital provide an additional 260 hospital beds for patients from the Cape Peninsula and support the primary healthcare facilities within the Mitchell's Plain sub-district.
  2. Jobs and services will continue
    During the construction period of the new GF Jooste Hospital in Klipfontein, staff and services will be relocated to the new Mitchell's Plain Hospital, GSH and, if required, other health facilities. Some emergency services will be retained in Klipfontein at other health facilities, some which will be extended for this purpose, in order to ensure immediate access to care of surrounding communities.
  3. Access to healthcare will continue to be available
    Patients currently living within the Klipfontein sub-district currently access their hospital care at a number of facilities. These facilities include GF Jooste Hospital, Red Cross Hospital, Mowbray Maternity Hospital (MMH), GSH, Hanover Park CHC and Gugulethu CHC. Some concern has been expressed about specialised investigations currently provided at the GF Jooste Hospital not being available at the Mitchell's Plain Hospital during the interim rebuilding period and subsequently. The department wishes to assure all concerned that there will be NO loss of services such as CT scanning or intensive care, as has been alleged by some, either during or after the completion of the construction of the new hospital.

Prior to the closure for the rebuilding of GF Jooste Hospital, the department will spell out the implications for surrounding communities and make suitable arrangements for healthcare in these communities. Communication will include print and electronic media, focus group discussions and broader community meetings.

The issues raised in relation to student teaching and consultation are noted. These issues are under discussions with training partners and staff respectively. The department looks forward to working together with all organisations and individuals concerned to make these transitional arrangements a success for the rebuilding period.

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