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Celebrating International Nurses' Day: A Message from Minister Pierre Uys

11 May 2005
During May 2005 Midwives Day and Nurses' Day will be celebrated internationally and healthcare facilities throughout the Western Cape Province will join hands in commemorating the dedicated and committed work that is delivered every single day by midwives and nurses. The Provincial Department of Health currently employs 9 619 nurses in various categories within hospitals and community health clinics across the Western Cape. Their dedicated services and commitment are invaluable to the communities and the Department.

The nursing profession is an honorable profession, which draws dedicated nursing professionals from all communities. Today the profession requires trained nurses in a variety of disciplines.

During this time we are reminded about Florence Nightingale and the commitment and dedication she had for her work. But why look further than our own health care facilities?

Nurses remain the backbone of service delivery and play a significant role. The nursing profession in the Western Cape has over the last few years produced some remarkable achievements.

In December 2004 the Western Cape was rewarded with the highest national honors. Both the Cecilia Makiwane Award and the Marilyn Lahana Trust Caring Award was awarded to two Chief Professional Nurses for their contribution towards better healthcare in our province.

I am proud of the nurses working within the public health service. I thank them for their dedication and commitment to improve the lives of the people of the Western Cape and making it a healthier home for all.

I salute our nurses who work tirelessly and effortlessly in our challenging public sector environment.

I thank them for their continuous commitment and passionate endeavours.

As we remain committed to caring for the carer, may we do so as equal partners where we also advocate self-care, a necessary quality to ensure that collectively we achieve our goals with creative and sustainable energy!

Issued by: The Ministry of Health, Western Cape

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