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Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital Honours Dedicated Staff at Long Service Awards

15 November 2010

Dedicated employees who have been working for Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital for twenty (20), thirty (30) and forty (40) years, were honoured at Long Service Awards on Tuesday November 16.

The annual ceremony recognised the staff who worked tirelessly to make sure that the children treated at the hospital get the best care.

Western Cape Health Minister, Theuns Botha, extended his congratulations to the awardees and said: "In my view it is very important that staff are acknowledged and rewarded for their services, and that is why we took time out from our offices, to thank our colleagues who have been working in this environment for twenty (20), thirty (30) and forty (40) years. I am increasingly impressed with the dedication that I see in the provincial Department of Health. During the past public servant's strike we could report a less than zero point one percent (0.1%) strike number. That shows attitude. This Department is fortunate to have had dedicated people of your calibre for so many years. Thank you for your contributions and your commitment to growth and excellence."

At the event, which was hosted by GHfm radio deejay Nigel Pierce, staff were treated to brunch and awarded gifts and certificates, according to their individual lengths of service.

Nigel Pierce said: "This hospital is a really special place and a large part of its charm is due to the dedication of the staff who work here. A hospital may have the best facilities in the world but it would be nothing without the people who make sure that the floors are clean, that there is soap in the bathrooms and that the paint isn't looking shabby. A hospital might have the best equipment in the world but it would not function if there were not personnel who regularly check, maintain and repair the equipment. A hospital might have access to the best medicine in the world but without the people who make sure that the children are getting their correct doses and the right times, the patients will not recover."

"It's the surgeons, the cooks, the cleaners, the specialists, the electricians, the security guards, the nurses? who add that extra, caring, personal touch which make Red Cross Hospital what it is."

"We are all just cogs in a wheel but it is each of us honouring our commitment and paying individual attention to fulfilling our role optimally that keeps the wheel turning smoothly."

Also honoured at the event was the late Professor Cassim Motala. Prof Motala, passed away suddenly on November 10, while at a conference in Singapore. He was a major leader in paediatric allergy treatment both locally and internationally. He was the director of the Allergy Division at the hospital. He was a member of the Hospital Facility Board and was a member of the board of trustees for the Children's Hospital Trust.

Hospital CEO, Dr Linda, had this to say about him: "Prof Motala was a gentleman, polite, generous, soft hearted, with a wealth of experience and expertise in allergy. He served selflessly with humility and dignity at Red Cross for more than thirty (30) years. He will be missed dearly by all."

Prof Motala would have accepted his award for thirty (30) years of service at the ceremony on November 16. During the ceremony the hospital commemorated him with a moment of silence.

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