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No Blue Lights for Western Cape Ministers

22 November 2010

Following a resolution by the Western Cape cabinet at the beginning of this month to regulate the use of blue lights and sirens, all blue lights and sirens were removed from provincial ministerial vehicles during November. The last one to be removed today is the blue light from the vehicle of, Western Cape Minister of Health, Theuns Botha.

The blue lights and sirens that were removed from ministerial vehicles at a cost of five hundred (R500) rand, each, are to be recycled for emergency vehicles such as ambulances and police vehicles.

In terms of the cabinet resolution the Departments of Transport and Public Works and Community Safety will jointly compile an awareness campaign to inform members of the public that abuse of the use of blue lights and sirens is an offence, and to provide for a reporting mechanism when such abuse is witnessed.

In terms of National Road Traffic Regulations, R225 of 2000, the use of blue lights and sirens by members of the public is an offence. The fine for using a blue light is five hundred (R500) rand and for a siren also five hundred (R500) rand.

Botha said that cabinet members felt they had to set the example for the people of the Western Cape, and comply with the regulation. "Our agendas are not more important than that of anyone else on the road. In this way we can ensure that blue lights and sirens are restricted to emergency vehicles only, and enable emergency response vehicles to be acknowledged and responded to immediately. This is the way we want this province to function."

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