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Medical Reports on Handling of Child Rape Victim

29 November 2010

With regard to reports about the handling of the child rape victim by Wesfleur Hospital in Atlantis and the Red Cross War Memorial Hospital, the medical records state the following:

Report from Wesfleur Hospital
Presentation Time: On Saturday, 27 November, the child was brought in by her mother and two (2) police officers at about 12h45. The patient was received by two (2) medical staff who immediately referred the child to Dr. Chester Shen. Dr. Shen tried to approach the child who cried every time he came near her. He decided to refer the child to Red Cross immediately.

Referral to Red Cross: Dr. Shen phoned the Medical officer on call at Red Cross War Memorial Hospital, Dr. Dalwai, and discussed the situation. Dr. Dalwai requested that the child be sent to Red Cross for evaluation under anaesthesia. A referral letter was written with the doctor's name and hospital name and given to the mother in the presence of the police officials. They left for Red Cross at 13h15.

Telephone enquiry: Dr. Shen received a telephone call about 13h30 which wanted to know why Wesfleur Hospital refused to see a rape victim. His response was that this was not the case because the child was referred to Red Cross as per protocol. The person allegedly told him that Red Cross refused to see the child - also an idea that he opposed - pointing out to the caller that the child in question was accepted by Dr Dalwai at Red Cross.

Report from Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital
Dr Padayachi's report states that a four (4) year old girl was brought in by her mother and South African Police Service (SAPS) on 27 November at 19:00. He treated her and provided the necessary prescriptions. The social worker reported that the patient was given ARV's and weekly follow-up appointments. Her mother then indicated that she would not be able to return to the hospital and the policeman then offered to put her in contact with social workers in her home town - Atlantis.

The child was then discharged back into her mother's care since the alleged perpetrator had been arrested. The social worker indicated that the complete procedure was followed by Dr Padayachi.

Statement by:
Theuns Botha
Western Cape Minister of Health
Western Cape Legislature

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