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Media Alert: Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital Special Guests from the North Pole

12 December 2010

Father and Mother Christmas are expected to arrive with their usual flair, at the Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital on December 14. The North Pole couple will be taking time out of the busy schedule, of making gifts and checking whose been naughty and nice, to visit the sick children at the hospital.

In an exclusive interview, the jolly pair had this to say about the event:

I will be leaving my workshop in the care my elves for the day, which makes me a bit nervous because elves can get up to mischief if left to their own devices, Father Christmas said. But I just could not pass up the opportunity to visit the children at Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital. It is one of the highlights of my year.

Father Christmas hinted that this year he would have an extra surprise in store when he and his wife arrived.

I can't tell you how we will be arriving of course, he said his eyes sparkling.

Mother Christmas interjected: You see we've been visiting the hospital for so many years. So many now that I cant count anymore. I remember when I first came I still had my figure.

Father Christmas added: And we always come before Christmas so that we can stay longer and make the visit special. As you know our reindeer are exceptionally busy on Christmas Eve so they spend this time resting and Mother Christmas and I come in some other interesting way. Remember that one year we came by helicopter Dear?

Oh I do, she said. But the most exciting by far was when we paraglided in.

No, no my favourite was when we flew in by magic but miscalculated and ended up on the roof. Ho, ho, ho! Thank goodness that friendly fireman was there to lower us down with a ladder, Father Christmas laughed.

Mother Christmas added: Oh I wouldn't want to do that again. Travelling by magic is so exhausting. That's why our reindeer only have the energy to do it once a year.

But shall we tell them how well be coming this year Dear? Father Christmas asked excitedly.

No, Darling, don't spoil the surprise, Mother Christmas laughed. He's so bad at keeping secrets. But I can tell you we will be bringing guests with us. Some nice Portuguese chaps have arranged everything and they'll be coming along.

Ho, ho, ho, Father Christmas bellowed. They're not Portuguese, Dear. They're South African they just have a Portuguese name. And they're so fit and agile. Reminds me of my younger days. I hope those Va...

That's enough, Darling. If you keep going you're let too much slip. Well be arriving at 1.30pm to give presents to all the children at the hospital and we really hope to see you there.

Date: December 14 Time: Noon till 3pm.

Media will be allowed into the oncology ward for pictures. Children whose parents have given consent for filming and photography will be marked with a sticker.

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