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Western Cape still exceeds targets despite supply pressures

31 July 2021

After a very difficult week where we did not receive all the supplies anticipated, the Western Cape Department of Health still managed to reach its target of 150 000 vaccinations!


We have the capacity to increase this weekly target beyond 150 000 a week, and we hope to do so as soon as the supply of vaccines increases. 


During this period of pressure, we have continued with our policy of equity and fairness, by ensuring that the doses we do receive go to every corner of the province, and that those who are most vulnerable to severe illness get prioritised. We thank our residents, especially in the younger age-bands, for their understanding and patience.  


This week, the province also started approaching the peak of the COVID-19 third wave. Our data shows that our new infections are starting to plateau, but that there is still an increase in hospitalisations and deaths. Some of the new cases (added in the last week) caused major spikes on a particular day; these have been found to be historical cases, and so we continue to monitor our 7-day moving average for accuracy.


As we exit the tenth week of our National vaccination programme, we can affirm we have sustained our vaccination programme and vaccinated 163 035 people this week, bringing our cumulative number of people vaccinated (first or second dose) to 1 146 302


How did our vaccination programme perform this week (26 – 30 July)

Our teams have been doing a phenomenal job in ensuring that no vaccine goes to waste and as such, when and where they have vaccinated the over 60s with their second vaccination, and vaccines are left over, they have been assisting many of our younger clients where possible. We cannot always guarantee everyone, outside of our priority focus, they will be vaccinated but our teams try to accommodate clients where possible.


Vaccinations administered on:

  • Monday = 30 856
  • Tuesday = 33 183
  • Wednesday = 32 018
  • Thursday = 33 098
  • Friday = 33 880

Total vaccinations for the week = 163 035


Weekend vaccinations now available at sites across the province to improve easy access

Today (31 July) we will have 12 sites open to the public for vaccination on a Saturday. Last week, we vaccinated more than 2000 people on Saturday, so this is another attempt to get more people vaccinated. Additional weekend public sites will be considered, on an ongoing basis, as this is dependent on vaccine supply.


On Saturday, 31 July the following sites will be open:

  • Goodwood Hall
  • Saxon Sea Hall, Atlantis
  • Mitchell’s Plain Community Health Centre
  • Gugulethu Community Health Centre
  • Site B Community Day Centre
  • Kleinvlei Recreational Hall
  • Citrusdal Hospital
  • Vredendal North Clinic
  • Piketberg Clinic
  • Darling Community Hall
  • Saron Clinic
  • Tankwa Farm stall (only for farm workers)


What to expect next week (2 August – 6 August)

This coming week we will endeavor to push new boundaries as many of our districts will be vaccinating bed-ridden persons and those who are homeless and undocumented. This is a big achievement for us, and our teams have their designations and routes already planned. We ask the community to support us in this important work to help us reach those how are less fortunate and vulnerable.


We ask citizens eligible for vaccination to take up this opportunity to be vaccinated as the vaccine offers great protection against severe illness and death.


For enquiries please call: 0860 142 142