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Health team go back to Avian Park

7 July 2017

A few weeks ago one of our health teams who were vaccinating kids in Avian Park were forced to leave the area in a hurry due to gang violence. 

Mr Grant Baadjies Child Health coordinator in the Cape Winelands told local media that the team at first thought that the gun shots were kids playing with fire crackers; however they soon realised that they were gunshots.  ‘We sent the moms and kids home and were forced to leave the area as gang members were shooting at each other, right there!’ 

However, in response to the Department’s pleas that the community not allow gangsters to affect their access to much needed health services, the team were requested to return to the area. 

Yesterday, Western Cape Government Health staff under police protection again proved their commitment to the health of our kids, by returning to the area to complete the vaccination campaign.   Today, the team are in a different area of the neighbourhood and as with yesterday a whole bunch of kids and moms arrived for their vaccinations.

Vaccinations are provided free of charge at all Western Cape Government Health clinics. 

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