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Turning the Tide on Human Papillomavirus Vaccination

10 March 2014

As from today, 10 March 2014 up until 11 April  2014, Western Cape Government Health in conjunction with the National Department of Health will have professional teams travelling from school to school to vaccinate all girls in Grade 4 who are nine years and older and who attend a public or special school against Human Papillomavirus (HPV).

 "We now have the opportunity to stop this illness; all that is required is effective vaccination. Western Cape Government Health will help you do this. Our health teams have already started visiting schools around the province to vaccinate Grade 4 girls," stated Minister Theuns Botha, Western Cape Minister of Health, who is a father and a grandfather.

Human Papillomavirus is the virus that causes Cervical Cancer, the vaccination protects girls from being infected by HPV and thus reduces the risk of developing HPV related cervical cancer later in life. Cervical Cancer is the second most prevalent cancer among women after Breast Cancer.

Parents and guardians should remember that vaccination is their choice and thus need to sign a consent form if they wish their daughter to be vaccinated. Only girls with a signed consent form will be vaccinated.

Find more information on HPV, which is available in all three languages.

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