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Plans to Repair the R60 Road between Swellendam and Ashton Underway

1 November 2012

The Department of Transport and Public Works is in the process of commissioning a design (repair method and strategy) for repairing the damaged R60 between Ashton and Swellendam.

To finalise the design, the repair team (appointed contractor) will have to perform some excavations at the damaged area. These excavations are scheduled to start on Monday, 5 November 2012. Once the design is completed, there will be more clarity about time frames for the repair process as well as how much it will cost to repair the road.

This meticulous assessment is necessary because if the road is not fixed properly, it could pose a danger for road users in the future. 

Due to the extent of the damage we should assume the road will not be re-opened by 24 November 2012 for the start of the Double Century Cycle race. It may be possible that repairs could be sufficiently advanced so that cyclists could have a safe route through the site, but this cannot be guaranteed.

The consulting engineer employed by the Department who visited the site on 31 October 2012 suggested that cyclists taking part in the event use a narrow track around the site, adjacent to a small farm dam wall. This proposal was presented to the organisers of the race and we are awaiting their input.

The Department aims to have the road repaired before 25 December 2012 but this deadline is subject to good weather and the availability of materials needed to complete the repair.

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