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Minister is to Release a Weekly Update on the Delayed Re-opening of Chapman's Peak

10 August 2009

The Minister of Transport and Public Works Robin Carlisle last Friday met with Entilini to interrogate the delayed re-opening of Chapman's Peak Drive. Minister Carlisle expressed his and the public's frustration and disappointment during the frank and robust meeting.


After a thorough examination of Entilini's reporting and reasons for the delay, the talks turned to the project plan for the remaining critical works and, in particular, the following five project milestones:

  • Gabions
  • Low Energy Barriers
  • Catch Fences
  • Gully 15
  • Slip Failure

The Minister directed Entilini to provide him with a weekly report on the progress of the project starting from Monday 24 August. The reports, to be released no later than noon every Monday, on the department's webpage at, will detail Entilini's progress against the agreed five milestones in their project plan for the final completion of the drive.

Minister Carlisle is cautiously confident. "This new reporting system gives me instant feedback on the work program and allows me to keep my finger on the pulse of Entilini's progress and efforts to finish the outstanding works" said the Minister.

The reports will provide early warning systems if factors like the weather or the delivery of imported materials which might impact on, or impede progress. If one or more milestones cannot be reached during a particular week, Entilini will provide the Minister with reasons for the failure and a revised milestone schedule to accompany the weekly report.

"I am determined that Chapman's Peak drive be opened as quickly as is humanly possible. My direct oversight of the weekly project plan is an indication of the personal importance I place on the completion of this project."




Issued by:
Solly Malatsi
Media Liaison Officer
Ministry of Transport and Public Works
Western Cape
Cell: 083 641 9691