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Minister Suggests Metal Detectors at Train Stations

28 April 2010
The Western Cape Minister of Transport and Public Works Robin Carlisle is shocked by the death of Ms. Ntombeskolo Mafentile who was stabbed to death at the Muldersvlei train station yesterday.

The Minister has expressed his condolences to the family of Ms. Mafentile.

Minister Carlisle said that the spate of criminal activities in and around train stations underscores the unsafe nature of traveling by train.

"This tragedy emphasises the point I have been making for a while - that traveling by train is simply not safe enough. We cannot encourage the public to switch from roads to rail when people lose their lives in trains".

The Minister will meet with Metrorail and law enforcement authorities to pursue innovative measures to bolster the safety of commuters.

"We need to prevent people in possession of weapons from entering train stations and travelling on trains. One way of doing of this would be the use of metal detectors at all entrances at train stations and for Metrorail private security officials to conduct random checks for weapons in trains".

The Minister reaffirmed his commitment for improving safety on trains: "Taking to commuters on my train trips, it is clear that rail safety continues to be major problem, both at stations and even in trains".

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