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Public is Called to Name People Involved in Train Attack

29 April 2010
The Western Cape Minister of Transport and Public Works Robin Carlisle is outraged by the thuggish behaviour of commuters who pelted a Metrorail passenger carriage with rocks and stones after their own train broke down near Ysterplaat station earlier today.

The Minister has called on anyone who witnessed the incident to identify those who committed the crime.

Anyone who can identify the perpetrators has a societal responsibility to report them to the police. We need to send out a strong message to those criminals that our society is better off without them.

"Commuters must work together with law enforcement authorities to make traveling by trains safe. Anyone who chooses to withhold any information that could lead to a successful prosecution in this case will be ethically complicit in this unlawful act".

While I acknowledge that train delays and disruptions are a source of great frustration and inconvenience to commuters it is completely unacceptable to resort to utter lawlessness when they occur.

This incident is a serious attack on public transport and we will do everything possible to put in jail those who are behind the attack.

Minister Carlisle reiterated his commitment to ensure safe and reliable public transport in the province.

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