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Criminal Charges againts Owner of Taxi Involve in Powell Drive Accident

17 May 2010

Western Cape Ministers Robin Carlisle and Lennit Max have approached the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) to charge the owner of the taxi involved in yesterdays Baden Powell Drive accident with attempted murder.

Since the Metrorail strike began, some elements in the taxi industry have taken advantage of stranded commuters by overloading and overcharging.

We must make an example of this inhuman behaviour. It cannot go unpunished.

The driver of the taxi, who is still in police custody, has been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, negligent driving, and driving without an operating permit. The taxi was overloaded with 11 more passengers than it is legally allowed to carry. Accordingly, provincial traffic authorities impounded the vehicle.

eNatis records show that the driver of the taxi does not have a valid drivers license. His learners license expired on Thursday, 25 February 2010.

The Ministers are enraged by the utter contempt for the law and disregard for human life by the both the taxi owner and driver.

The taxi owner risked the lives of passengers with a drunk driver without a driver's licence driving an unlicensed, overloaded taxi. This is a callous disregard for human life. He should be locked up and the key thrown away.

For us to do this, we need as much help from the criminal justice system as possible. It is high time that taxi and bus owners faced the consequences for their irresponsibility and the actions of their employees said Minister Carlisle.

Not only did this driver pick up passengers without an operating licence, but he also did not hesitate to do so while drunk! He clearly did not care about the law or his passengers lives and we can not allow guys like this to get away with it, added Minister Max.

Taxi operators out to make an extra few rands by overloading and putting the lives of passengers at risk are criminals and potential killers - and we will act against them accordingly. They are exploiting commuters, especially those affected by the rail strike, and they will be punished, concluded Minister Max.

Issued by:
Robin Carlisle
Minister of Transport and Public Works

Lennit Max
Minister of Community Safety

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Minister of Community Safety
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Media Liaison Officer
Ministry of Transport and Public Works
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