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MEC Carlisle: Expansion of Special Courts Service

15 November 2010

Minister Robin Carlisle recently held discussions with the Deputy National Minister of Justice Andries Nel over his (Carlisle) proposal that the Ministry of Justice consider expanding the special courts service that was operational during the World Cup to deal with the high volumes of unresolved road traffic related cases.

Minister Carlisle is upbeat about the outcome of their conversation. I'm buoyed by the Ministry of Justices response to our proposal. Deputy Minister Nel assured me that they have noted the success and benefits of the World Cup (special courts) model and are currently looking at the model for wider benefit.

"Swift prosecutions for road traffic offences can be a lethal weapon in our arsenal to prevent the carnage of our roads. However, this is not currently the case because a lot of these cases are either thrown out of courts or motorists get away with lenient offences which do not deter their utter contempt for the rules of the road."

This leaves many reckless and drunken drivers to roam our roads, often causing avoidable accidents and fatalities, simply because of the apparent inability of our criminal justice system to obtain swift prosecutions and harsh sentences for road traffic related cases. This is further compounded by the fact in some cases it can take as long as a year to obtain a successful prosecution for reckless or drunk driving. All the while, these potential killers continue to pose a dangerous risk to other innocent law abiding road users.

The special courts will, if and when introduced, go a long way to save lives on our roads. We will be able to obtain swift prosecutions and ultimately restore a culture of obedience of the rules of the road.

Minister Carlisle emphasised that his department was committed to finding lasting solutions to promote road safety on our roads. We will use every available legal avenue to save lives on our roads and ensure that all road users get Safely Home all the time. We will leave no stone unturned in our quest to prevent potential killers from using our roads concluded the Minister.

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