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Jail Time for Speedsters Says Minister

7 December 2010

Young male killers in small fast cars struck again this morning killing a motorist on his way to work. The accident occurred at 3.30am when two young men in two small highly powered cars were "dicing" each other through the bends of Hospital Hill.

In this case they collided with a light duty vehicle, killing the driver. In addition to the tragedy of an innocent mans death, the entire Metropolitan road system was gridlocked, and hundreds of thousands of citizens delayed for work because of the reckless behaviour of these young men on our roads.

Minister Carlisle highlighted that the accident confirmed his department's ongoing research on the causes of road fatalities in the province.

Our research shows that young male drivers are responsible for more than half of the road fatalities in the province. They seem to think they have some secret skill that other road users' don't have that allows them to drive fast, drunk, without seat-belts and talk on their cellphones without risk of being in an accident.

I hope the courts will give them the harshest possible sentence to send a strong message to their peers that speedsters and killers belong in jail not on our roads.

There will be nowhere for speedsters to hide. The National Road Traffic Management team yesterday decided that, as of today, any driver found exceeding the speed limit by thirty kilometres per hour (30 kms/h) in an urban area and forty kilometres per hour (40kms/h) in a rural area will be arrested, taken to the nearest police stations to be charged and remain in police custody until a bail hearing.

Minister Carlisle concluded that the province was determined to win the war against drunk driving and speeding drivers to get everybody Safely Home.

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