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Vrygrond Taxi Group's Application for Association Registration Declined

8 December 2010

The Department of Transport and Public Works and the City of Cape Town today informed the Vrygrond Taxi Group that its application for registration as a taxi association has been turned down.

The Vrygrond group was at the centre of taxi violence in the Vrygrond, Capricorn and Retreat areas between November 2009 and June 2010. Two (2) members of rival taxi associations in the area were murdered, and another injured along with two (2) passengers.

Minister for Transport and Public Works, Robin Carlisle, and his MAYCO counterpart, Elizabeth Thompson, have held a series of meetings with stakeholders, affected communities and law enforcement in order to determine a way ahead. The Province and the City agreed to accept an application for the establishment of an association based on the survey of several possible routes for the new association to use, and on condition that the group cease from invading the routes of other associations.

The City's surveys and risk analysis concluded that, due to the danger of taxi violence along new routes and over-subscription in the area generally, it would oppose the formation of the association and recognition of the routes.

The Province established that in the three months after the agreement to process the application, Vrygrond group operators continued to operate illegally, in many cases, on the routes of other associations.

During the same period, City of Cape Town Traffic Services reported forty-four (44) taxi impoundings in the area, (8) eight of which were of vehicles listed on the Vrygrond's group application.

Ten (10) neighbouring associations wrote letters to Minister Robin Carlisle forcefully stating their opposition to the registration of a Vrygrond taxi association.

On the basis of all these factors, the Department decided to decline the application and inform the members of the group in person, with the Minister present to answer questions and concerns. We understand that the Vrygrond group, under a new chairman since the cessation of violence, will be appealing the decision.

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