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Minister Carlisle Calls on Pub, Shebeen, Club and Restaurant Owners to "Help Eliminate Drunk Driving"

7 July 2011

Media Statement by Robin Carlisle, Minister of Transport and Public Works

Robin Carlisle, the Minister for Transport and Public Works in the Western Cape, has called on the proprietors of drinking establishments "in every corner of the province to support our Safely Home campaign by helping us to eliminate drunk driving".

"We are not asking pub owners to take all the responsibility for keeping drunk patrons off the road - we are asking for their help."

"Individual responsibility remains the most important aspect of the campaign. It was therefore very gratifying to see four names on our most recent Name and Shame list of drunk drivers that did not take individual responsibility and now have been sent directly to jail, without the option of a fine."

"The sentences handed out to the four drivers ranged from one and a half to three years in jail."

Speaking about the moral responsibility of the owners of drinking establishments, the Minister cited the example of Kantielal Patel, the owner of Club Galaxy, who on Wednesday took the Minister on a tour of his establishment.

"Here is a nightclub owner that has come out and said that the Safely Home campaign is safe for business."

"Mr Patel advised me that -

  • Building a safe club was good for business.
  • There were messages in Galaxy promotions and adverts advocating responsible drinking.
  • There is a roster of taxis that can take clients home.
  • There is a cool-off area where patrons can sober up and wait for a lift.
  • Security personnel are trained to encourage these options and if someone is drunk and difficult, they try to persuade them to listen. When they do not, they face possible banning."

"In addition, Mr Patel told me that the Name and Shame campaign was having an effect and that patrons were becoming more responsible."

"This is an exciting possibility for all of us to contribute towards saving lives."

"It is my hope that this weekend you and your loved ones get Safely Home and that you do nothing to prevent anyone else from getting Safely Home."

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