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Minister Carlisle to Appeal Convicted Cyclist Killer's "Slap on Wrist" Sentence

28 July 2011

Robin Carlisle, the Minister for Transport and Public Works in the Western Cape, has reacted with "shock and outrage" to the news that Andries Zuiderma "was yesterday effectively let off for killing cyclist Jan-Hendrik Olivier, also 39".

"While I respect the independence of the judiciary, I am deeply concerned that the sentence handed down yesterday slaps Olivier's family through the face much harder than it slaps Zuiderma on the wrist."

"This sentence was handed down despite Wynberg Regional Court Magistrate Karel Meyer convicting Zuiderma, who in March 2006 swerved his bakkie into a group of cyclists practising for a cycle tour, of culpable homicide, or manslaughter."

Zuiderma was sentenced to five years suspended to five years on the charge of culpable homicide, and to three years' house arrest and a R5 000 fine, or nine months in jail for failing to stop after the crash. His driving licence was suspended for nine months.

"This is, in its practical effects, a R5 000 fine, payable in R1 000 instalments, for killing an innocent human being. We are approaching the Director of Public Prosecutions to ask that what appears to be a grossly inappropriate sentence be appealed."

"No matter what we as road safety authorities do to save lives, no matter how many millions are spent from public coffers, so long as there are no real consequences for those who kill and maim innocent cyclists, motorists and pedestrians on our roads, 15 000 South Africans will be senselessly killed each year."

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