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Media Alert: Minister Carlisle to Meet Mfuleni Community Members Who Witnessed Accident

26 October 2011

Robin Carlisle, the Minister for Transport and Public Works in the Western Cape will tomorrow evening meet with the guardians and community of an 11-year-old boy that was struck down and killed by an allegedly drunk driver, a little more than a week ago.

The police apparently informed the community that there was no case against the driver, because they had failed to take a blood sample from him.

Members of the media are invited to attend the meeting, which will take place at the deceased boy's home, close to the scene of the crash.

Kindly RSVP your attendance to Steven Otter by sending a text message with your details to 084 233 3811.

Community members that witnessed the crash allege that:

  1. The child was standing on the pavement when the car hit him.
  2. Police did not cordon off the scene and investigate the crash.
  3. After the 11-year-old boy had lain in the street shivering for some time, a neighbour and a teacher apparently rushed him to Site B Hospital themselves.
  4. The driver and passengers of the car that struck the boy were all visibly drunk.
  5. Witnesses drew the attention of police on the scene to the fact that one of the occupants was hiding a bottle of spirits, which they then 'confiscated'.
  6. Police took the driver away in the back of a police van and an officer drove his car only after the community insisted they do so, but by the next morning the man and his car were no longer at the police station.
  7. Those from the community dealing with the police were sent from pillar to post.
  8. After a week of this they were told by the Investigating Officer that there was no case against the driver because no blood sample had been taken after the crash.
  9. And finally, when the Investigating Officer was asked about the spirits that was confiscated on the scene and the fact that the driver had been visibly drunk, he responded that as this was "hearsay", he could not investigate anything like that.

"What kind of justice is this when no case is brought against a killer driver who has slaughtered a child? Can it be true that the police did nothing to help a dying child, or to apprehend and build a case against his killer?" Asked Minister Carlisle.

"I am going to Mfuleni tomorrow evening (Thursday) to hear first-hand from the community what happened that night. After that I will do whatever it takes to obtain justice." He concluded.

For more information on the venue as well as directions contact the Ministry.

Date: Thursday, 27 October 2011
Time: 17:00
Venue: 171 Tokwana Street, Mfuleni

Media Enquiries: 

Steven Otter
Cell: 084 233 3811