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Minister Carlisle Announces Chapman's Peak Road Closure

7 November 2011

Robin Carlisle, the Minister for Transport and Public Works in the Western Cape, has announced the closure of Chapman's Peak Drive this afternoon.

"At around 16:00 today, there was a rock fall on the centre line of the road, leaving a large impact crater just past the half tunnel, on the Noordhoek side of the drive. The rock fall was almost certainly the result of the heavy rains on the slopes of Chapman's Peak today."

"This was a Level 4 rock fall. As per the standard operating procedure agreed with Entileni, the Chapman's Peak Drive operator, the road was closed immediately."

There are four levels of rock falls, with Level 4 representing the highest risk, which demands immediate closure.

"Due to the wet weather conditions, it has been impossible to access the slope to determine the origin point of the rock fall. However, a visual observation has indicated that the rock dislodged from an exposed area about 30 metres above the road in front of the catch fence."

"Weather permitting, our geotechnical experts will assess the area at daybreak tomorrow. A rope access team will determine the origin point and other possible risks. Meanwhile, the roads team will repair the crater in the road."

"If there is a break in the rain and no other risk is identified, it is our goal to get the road open before lunchtime tomorrow.

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