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Latest Road Fatality Statistics for the Festive Season

9 January 2012

Robin Carlisle, the Minister of Transport and Public Works in the Western Cape, has released the latest fatality stats for the festive season, which began on 1 December 2011 and ends on 31 January 2012.

"From 1 December 2010 until 8 January 2011, a total of 185 people died on Western Cape roads. In contrast, from 1 December 2011 to 8 January 2012, the number, obtained from provincial forensic pathology, currently stands at 163," said Minister Carlisle.

1 December 2010 to 8 January 2011 - 185 fatalities.

1 December 2011 to 8 January 2012 - 163 fatalities

"These figures represent a total drop of 12% on the previous festive season's figures. In December there was a 7% decrease, while up until Sunday 8 at midnight we had achieved a 31% drop for January."

"Accolades for this must go to our devoted law enforcement officers and the increasing number of motorists that are taking the moral decision to drive safely."

"Although a more comprehensive analysis of the statistics is needed, the fact that there has been a significant increase in especially domestic visitors to Cape Town and the Southern Cape this festive season tells us that the authorities and motorists are managing to bring fatalities down despite increased traffic volumes."

"However, there remains much to be done. Not enough motorists have made the moral choice to drive sober, obey speed limits and other traffic signs, stay off their cell phones, to watch out for pedestrians and wear their seatbelts."

"Of major concern to us is the fact that so many innocent people continue to be killed on our roads - 64 of the 163 people that have died on our roads this festive season were passengers."

"A further 25 were drivers, while 62 were pedestrians. Of course, in the same way that not all drivers can be considered perpetrators, so were many pedestrians killed while crossing freeways and other roads illegally," said Minister Carlisle.

"It is clear that we will need to focus more and more of our attention and resources on pedestrians, who make up such a large proportion of the total."

2011 had 163 Fewer Fatalities than 2010

Minister Carlisle added that "1 324 people died on Western Cape roads in the calendar year 2011, compared to 1 487 in 2010, a reduction of 11%."

Since the minister took office in May 2009, the annualised death toll has fallen from 1 682 per annum to the current 1 324, a reduction of 21%.

"This means that the Safely Home campaign is on target to achieve our target of halving the death rate by the end of 2014," Minister Carlisle said.

Please note that the latest festive season fatality stats will be sent out in press releases weekly until the 31 January 2012.

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