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Flood damage repairs to roads in Seweweekspoort

19 February 2019

The Department of Transport and Public Works (DTPW) has started flood damage repairs to road structures in Seweweekspoort. This R32 million project is in the vicinity of Zoar in the Kannaland Local Municipality on Main Road 309 (R323). The work will be complete by December 2021, if everything goes according to plan.

The existing culvert and causeway structures are in a poor state of repair and subject to periodic flooding. This leaves the road impassable until emergency repairs are done. Upgrading the causeways will mitigate the likelihood and severity of flooding damage, thereby improving the economic viability of this important link road.

Scope of work

  • Existing gravel side drains will be cleared near to the river structures and channelled into the river to prevent future erosion. Erosion protection works will be constructed on the downstream side of road batters.
  • Twenty-four causeway structures crossing the Seweweekspoort River will be upgraded with associated bank protection work to protect the road batters from erosion during flooding.
  • The existing road will be improved in three places by adding gabion protection walls and raising the road surface above the river bank to reduce the risk of flooding, and to mitigate the impact of any flooding that may occur.
  • Road signage consisting of four danger plates and two river crossing signs will be erected at each causeway to improve road safety.

Half-width construction (involving the closure of one lane) will take place in sections with stop/ go controls to manage the flow of traffic. Motorists can expect a 15-minute waiting period at stop/ go points. DTPW is aware that delays are frustrating, but some inconvenience during construction is inevitable. Motorists will soon be able to enjoy a safer and more pleasant travelling experience on this road.

DTPW is committed to creating short-term employment and skills training opportunities. During the course of this project, a total of R5 million will be spent on targeted enterprises, and 12 000 person-days of work will be created for people from the Kannaland and Laingsburg municipal areas.

The high-quality road infrastructure that DTPW provides is an important component of a safe and effective transport system, and an enabler of economic and social development in the Western Cape.

Join the Department on Twitter @WCGovTPW under the hashtag #roadworksWC

Media Enquiries: 

Byron la Hoe
Communication Officer
Department of Transport and Public Works
Tel: 021 483 9813
Cell: 079 281 8570
Email: byron.lahoe@westerncape.gov.za