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Three Arrested in Driver's Licence Joint Sting Operation in Worcester

11 January 2012

Robin Carlisle, the Minister of Transport and Public Works in the Western Cape, has announced the arrests this morning of two traffic officers and a civilian in a joint sting operation between Worcester Crime Intelligence and his department's Compliance Monitoring Unit.

All three face charges of corruption and fraud, which, if they are convicted, could see them jailed for a very long time.

"The two traffic officers were allegedly issuing learners' licences in return for a share of R2 500, which was paid to the runner. The runner would SMS to the examiners the details of the member of the public that had paid the money, while the examiners are then alleged to have given crib notes to those that had paid."

"I am told that three undercover police from Worcester Crime Intelligence received three different sets of crib notes during the investigation," said Minister Carlisle

"In fact, one of the SMSs found on the runner's cell when they arrested him referred to the undercover police agent that sat in the learners' test this morning, minutes before the joint sting operation."

"It is difficult at this point in the investigation to say how many learners' licences were acquired in this way."

"However, I would like to extend a friendly encouragement to all the members of public that received learners' and drivers' licences in this way to make contact with Captain Barnard of the Worcester Detective Branch on 082 522 3159."

"If you come forward the police will be able to consider using you as a witness, rather than co-accused. It's your choice, but if you choose not to come forward I am confident that the police will track you down," Minister Carlisle said.

The minister said there was a possibility more arrests would follow in the next days and weeks.

"I would like to thank our Compliance Monitoring Unit for assisting the police and the Driving Licence Testing Centre in Worcester with their investigation."

All three accused have been jailed for the weekend and will appear in the Worcester Magistrate's Court on Monday.

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