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Chapman's Peak: Proposal Being Considered by Tolling Experts

16 February 2012

A meeting was held today at the Department of Transport and Public Works, where the Province, Entilini shareholders, including Murray and Roberts, sat down with the Civil Rights Action Group (CRAG) to hear a proposal for an alternative tolling system for Chapman's Peak Drive.

Minister for Transport and Public Works, Robin Carlisle said, "CRAG presented a concept to the Province that envisages a system in which no cash is used at the tolling point . The Ministry has sent the following response to CRAG."

Dear CRAG leaders and members,

Thank you for a thoughtful and positive contribution in the form of your conceptual proposal to remove cash transactions from the toll control points on Chapman's Peak Drive, to other sites in Hout Bay and Noordhoek, and possibly other locations in the Peninsula.

I am glad that we agreed that Chapman's Peak Drive should be kept open for the enjoyment of all, and that we have consensus that to keep it open requires a toll road.

Our discussions after the meeting, between Province, Entilini shareholders, and Tolcon lasted longer than the actual meeting with yourselves.

The discussions centred around the merits and logistics of a "pay-on-foot" tolling option, as opposed to a cash system. Since CRAG has presented only a concept and not a solution per se, we discussed variants of a "pay-on-foot" solution that would remove transactions from the toll control points on Chapman's Peak Drive.

We will collectively still need to further consider the options and the various scenarios that were raised in the second meeting. We have so far identified the requirement for at least one additional specialist in this area, and are therefore bringing in an external independent expert to assist. We have also identified other entities, most particularly the City of Cape Town, which may need to be consulted.

We need to explore fully the implications of the proposal as it would be disastrous if the result is the need for a larger infrastructure capability on the roadway.

I am sure you will understand that this will take some time.

It must be pointed out that it is very clear that whatever the results of the deliberations and consultation in this area, there will still need to be a tolling point or points on the roadway, and that the canopy structure currently being constructed will be necessary and that construction thereof will proceed.

Kind regards,
Hector Eliott

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