Chapman's Peak will Remain Closed while Slope Stabilisation Takes Place | Western Cape Government

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Chapman's Peak will Remain Closed while Slope Stabilisation Takes Place

3 May 2012

Chapman's Peak Drive was closed in the early hours of Thursday morning (3 May 2012) after a routine inspection had identified a possible slope failure site.

Geotechnical engineers attempted to assess the area later in the day, but were forced to halt the inspection by wet conditions and poor visibility. The engineers were back on site this morning and were able to complete the inspection.

The preliminary report is that additional stabilisation is required as follows:

A stabilising bar is to be drilled into the slurry which composes the potential slope failure, and then 1.5 metres into the rock below. Once that is in place, an additional high-tensile steel cable will be added to Low Energy Barrier 5, the catch fence below the potential failure site.

Following this procedure, the pass can be re-opened to the public. Estimated time to complete the procedure is 24 hours, and the pass should be open to the public again on Sunday. The pass will only be re-opened once certainty has been obtained that it is safe.

The Ministry of Transport and Public Works and Entilini would like to thank all motorists for their patience.

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Hector Eliott
Head of Ministry, Transport and Public Works
Tel: 021 483 8546
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