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Sustained vandalism compel Metrorail to suspend all central train services

11 December 2017

Statement by Minister Donald Grant, Minister of Transport and Public Works

Vandals and criminal elements have once again held thousands of commuters to ransom through their continual vandalism, cable theft, and destruction of critical rail infrastructure.

Sustained attacks on critical infrastructure have compelled Metrorail regional management to suspend all central train services until further notice, which will undoubtedly have an adverse effect on commuters and the economy of the region.

This past weekend’s attacks in the Bontheuwel – Netreg – Nyanga area have come at an enormous cost to the State, and an even bigger cost to everyday working and commuting residents.

It is unacceptable that rampant criminality can be allowed to continue unabated, particularly when it relates to the provision of such an essential service: public transport.

The Western Cape Government strongly condemns these vicious and reckless attacks on state resources, and calls on law enforcement agencies to work with Metrorail, as a matter of urgency, in addressing this rampant criminality. The commuters of the Western Cape cannot be made to carry the brunt of the actions of those who have no regard for the livelihoods and safety of the many that rely on public transport daily.

We also call on the community at large to work with us and law enforcement agencies in identifying these criminal elements and bringing them to book. The current situation has become entirely untenable.

The Western Cape Government will continue to work with Metrorail in our joint commitment to providing safe and reliable public transport for the citizens of this province. Criminals and vandals shall not deter us from this objective.

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