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Western Cape Road Fatalities Continue Strong Decline

3 June 2012

Western Cape Transport Minister Robin Carlisle has identified increasing responsibility among drivers as helping to maintain the decline in the number of deaths on the province's roads.

Death Toll Comparison:

May 2009145
May 2010148
May 2011112
May 2012102


Previous Twelve Months Death Toll as at May 20091682
Previous Twelve Months Death Toll as at May 20121254

Minister Carlisle said, "Based on the counts from the mortuaries, we are just under a 28% total decline from when I took office in 2009. We are seeing that more and more people are waking up to their responsibilities like buckling up and slowing down. Justice is getting ever swifter against drunk drivers as the staff of the blood testing lab has quadrupled, and very soon we will be seeing the re-introduction of breathalysers under improved regulations and standards. Drunks on the road will soon learn they have nowhere to hide."

"A number of measures are currently underway to speed up the decline. These include tougher legislation for reckless drivers. We've also started a programme with the City of Cape Town which will prevent reckless drivers from transacting with the ENATIS system while they have outstanding warrants. We are also initiating targeted interventions at pedestrian fatality hotspots", said Minister Carlisle.

The Provincial Road Traffic Bill is expected to serve before the Provincial Cabinet in June, and from there start its progress into becoming law. The Bill will give the minister powers to create road traffic regulations for the Western Cape.

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