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Update on Cogmanskloof roadworks (Montagu/ Ashton)

14 December 2016

Good progress has been made on a 36-month Department of Transport and Public Works contract to rehabilitate and upgrade various sections of the R60 and R62 between Ashton and Montagu through Cogmanskloof. Work on the R583 million contract is expected to have been completed in the third quarter of 2018.

The major blasting required in Cogmanskloof is complete, so scheduled road closures on Tuesdays and Thursdays have been suspended until further notice. Occasional road closures may be required from time to time for blasting at the new bridges and to enable necessary services to be installed. 

Ashton and Cogmanskloof update

Work on the northern half of the R60 between Ashton Cellars and Middle Street in Ashton is complete. The new road surface is asphalt, which makes for a very smooth ride. The northern half of the road from Hodges Bridges to Boy Retief Bridge is almost complete with the surfacing layer being applied this week. Work on the road past the main blasting site is not yet complete, but the temporary detour has been surfaced to provide a better driving surface. Two-way traffic will be possible in this section, so no stop/ go operations will be required during the holidays.

Montagu update

The road layers have been completed up to the base layer in the two work zones in Montagu. The asphalt surfacing required in certain sections will be done before the year-end break. The installation of services is mostly complete in these sections as well. New streetlights installed in Montagu will be operational by the time the holidays begin.

Although two-way traffic will be possible in Montagu before 16 December 2016, the road will not be completely open to normal traffic. There will be a level difference between the two lanes in Long Street, from Voortrekker Bridge to Church Street, and from Cross Street to the Van der Merwe Bridge. Delineators will be placed in the middle of Long Street to prevent vehicles from crossing the centreline, except at designated points where ramps will make it possible to cross the street.

The ring-road system will be suspended during the holidays. Van Riebeeck Street will therefore return to two-way traffic along its entire length, as was the case before construction began. The sidewalks of Long Street are still under construction and pedestrians are urged to be careful as they walk. The northern halves of the concrete approach slabs at Van der Merwe Bridge are also complete. These slabs will help to protect the road from floods. The asphalt surfacing of this section will be done before 16 December 2016. 

Update on the new bridges

The foundations for five of the seven temporary piers for the new Ashton Bridge are complete. Both the eastern and western abutments are almost ready for the installation of the deck support. The focus early in 2017 will be to complete the temporary piers from the western side before deck construction can commence. The public can expect to see big changes during 2017.

The southern abutment for the new Boy Retief Bridge is 75% complete. The current focus is on the completion of the two piers.

The excavations for the foundations and abutments of the new Voortrekker Bridge are complete. The construction of the western foundations, piers, and abutment has commenced and will continue into 2017. Electric pumps have been installed to reduce the noise of keeping the works area dry. 

Stop/ go operations during the holidays

Most of Montagu’s Long Street and the Cogmanskloof Pass will be open to two-way traffic during the holidays. However, at some points, the road will be too narrow to allow two-way traffic. Stop/ go operations will be implemented at the following locations during the holiday season:

  • At Boy Retief Bridge in Cogmanskloof
  • At Voortrekker Bridge on the western end of Long Street.

Motorists can expect waiting times of up to 10 minutes at each stop/ go sign.

Arrangements for the year-end holidays

A small construction team will remain on site throughout the holidays. This team will ensure that the road remains safe by, among other things, fixing potholes, and maintaining the road signs.

To report any problems, please call 073 553 2171 or 071 649 0665.

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