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Dreams Come True at Gene Louw Traffic College

10 August 2014

Wesley Morgan (26) from Clanwilliam always wanted to become a traffic officer. In June this year he was delighted to graduate with a diploma from the Gene Louw Traffic College.

Currently based at the Brakenfell Provincial Traffic Centre, Wesley says the last few months in the field have been an enjoyable experience. “I’ve always wanted to make a difference and what better than to follow my dream? Being out in the field excites me. The fact that I can make a difference and save people’s lives is something money cannot buy.”

Wesley previously worked in the hotel industry after obtaining a degree in hospitality management. After some years, he decided he would rather pursue his dream career. The influence of his father Dale, who worked in traffic law enforcement for almost 40 years, also played a part. “On many occasions I went out with him and assisted during floods and at accidents. I found the job exciting and adventurous. We were always in a position where we could help people.”

He said the training course brought him close to his fellow students. “The physical training was necessary and helped to build up a team. We helped one another to complete the course. Training in firearms, first aid and self- defence had a positive effect on our discipline which is essential for this job. I did not realise how tough the training to become a traffic officer would be. However, I have no regrets. I look forward to my future as a traffic officer. I’ve benefited personally in various ways which money cannot buy. I have learned to become a team player so that we can achieve our goals together.”

Traffic law enforcement is one of the most important contributors to road safety in South Africa. This requires many dedicated and well-trained traffic officers. Wesley is an officer who recognises the importance of his role in making our roads safer. He is a proud product of the Gene Louw Traffic College that ensures that a professional and effective traffic management service is provided.

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