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Minister Grant Opens New Knysna Traffic Centre

11 September 2014

Safe roads are one of the crucial factors in ensuring that Knysna continues to grow as a holiday destination. This was the powerful message conveyed by the Western Cape Minister of Transport and Public Works, Donald Grant at the official opening of the new Knysna Provincial Traffic Centre on 11 September 2014.

The opening was a result of a partnership between the Department of Transport and Public Works, Knysna Municipality and other partners. The new office will be based at 13 Pitt Street in Knysna, having moved from the corner of Long and Cove Street in July 2014. From a provincial perspective, the new office plays an important role as it serves two magisterial districts – Bitou and the greater Knysna area. The office covers approximately 367 square kilometres. It’s expected to provide services to three South African Police Service (SAPS) centres, one provincial hospital in Knysna and two private hospitals in Knysna and Plettenberg Bay respectively. Local learners are also expected to benefit through educational services provided by the centre, as well as other government departments through road safety training.

Road Safety

Minister Grant said operational effectiveness plays a key role in ensuring the contribution of traffic officials to overall traffic safety and management.

“In this regard, the Knysna office has done well. Provincial traffic officials are active on weekends through their Alcohol Blitz Operations to ensure drunk drivers stay off our roads and that tired motorists rest before continuing with their journeys.

“They are also key players in the daily learner transport operations, the monthly inter-provincial corridor road blocks with the Eastern Cape Department of Transport and cross-border integrated roadblocks that take place on a regular basis,” he said.

It is expected that the new location will make community access easier since it is within walking distance of the local SAPS premises. It is in close proximity of the Justice Department and virtually adjacent to the main road that leads to the N2.

Building Relationships

Minister Grant added that the provincial officials in Knysna take pride in the constructive and healthy relationship with the community they serve.

“The office has an open door policy and members of the community are aware that we try to address any concerns as quickly as possible. I sincerely hope the new premises will uplift the community and motivate our guardians on our roads to improve our service to the road users and general public,” said Grant.

Traffic Chief at the Knysna Traffic Centre, Mr Vukile Oliphant says it is a joy to have officially opened the centre.

“The new environment created excitement amongst staff members who are committed to one common goal: to make our roads safer. We’re delighted and take pride in this building as we serve our community,” said Mr Oliphant.

The new office is expected to be one of the resources that will continue to make transport in the province safer and better together with meaningful partners and the public.

View pictures of the official opening of the new Knysna Traffic Office.

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