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Passenger Deaths Down 50% over December Period

30 December 2013
Statement by Minister of Transport and Public Works, Mr Robin Carlisle
Our dedicated efforts on our roads over this festive season have seen half the passenger deaths compared to the same time last year (29 deaths in 2013 compared to 59 deaths in 2012). These are terrific results following the launch of Safely Home’s “It Takes A Second To Save A Life” seatbelt campaign focussed on this vulnerable class of fatalities.
So far, a total of 124 lives have been lost on the province’s roads (1 December till 29 December) at a rate of four per day, compared to 149 deaths recorded in 2012 (five deaths per day) for the same period. This marks a 17% reduction in December road deaths compared to last year. This month has seen:
  • The highest number of fatalities for one day recorded on Friday 13 December (the beginning of what is known as the exodus period where people begin to travel out to their holiday destinations). This day saw the loss of 10 lives. 
  • The highest number of deaths recorded on Christmas day for the past four years; eight deaths.
  • No deaths recorded on the 11 December 2013. 
What has been of serious concern, however, has been the recent spike in pedestrian deaths, with 60 deaths recorded as of the 29 December 2013. This is the highest number of pedestrian deaths we have had in December for the past four years:
  • December 2010: 47
  • December 2011: 42
  • December 2012: 55
  • December 2013: 60 up until 29 December.
This means that pedestrians are being killed at a rate of two per day on our roads, which is unacceptably high.
The festive season is by no means over. We will continue with our on-going enforcement efforts and campaigns to make our roads safer moving into the New Year. January will see many holiday makers making their way back home making our roads that much busier. I continue to urge all road users to vigilant when travelling; maintain safe speeds; not to drink and drive; pedestrians to be visible and not hazardous to motorists; vehicle occupants (especially children) to always be Buckled Up; motorists to take regular breaks when travelling long distances; and to ensure that they get Safely Home.
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Spokesperson for the Minister
Robin Carlisle 
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